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Posted by on Jul 22, 2010 in Above Ground Pool Repairs |

Above Ground Pool Repairs

Above Ground Pool Repairs

We look after all aspects of installation and repairs

Swimming pool can sometimes seem like a bottomless time and money pit.  Taking care of it yourself can be very frustrating and cost allot of money.  By the time you have one problem under control another one pops up, and each problem requires it’s own expensive chemical or equipment…. we will solve all your problems!

Hiring a expert to do the dirty work is a convenient solution, but it ends up costing you a lot more. I know, I was a professional pool maintainer for over 21 years and it was very lucrative profession.

The truth was that we could of taught any of our clients how to maintain their pool themselves with very little time, effort or money. The problem was it would of put me out of the job. True! Above Ground Pools has decided to just give you all the secrets and save you a TON of CASH!

Maintaining a pool is very simple once you know some tricks-of-the-trade. Pool dealers and professionals often make maintaining a pool far more complicated and expensive than it should be so that you buy their pointless chemicals and equipment. Ha ve  you though this before?

We have decided to write a tell all eBook on how to maintain your own pool. Follow this link to download the secret book. It contains everything you cold ever need to know about maintain your own pool in a step-by-step easy to follow guide,

“Introducing Swimming Pool Maintenance Secrets”

Save Money – By by using far more effective cheaper and natural solutions that pool professionals and sellers don’t want you to know about. This all applies to Above Ground Swimmin Pool

Save Time – Once you know my simple tricks you wont need to spend hours using different chemicals, adjusting the water balance, fixing your filter or trying to get rid of algae. This all applies to Above Ground Swimmin Pool

Easy To Follow – I’ve written this guide so that anyone can use it – even if you’ve never cleaned or even owned a pool before. This all applies to Above Ground Swimmin Pool

Click Here!